Welcome to Helie Chiropractic

Westminster, Colorado’s first choice for chiropractic care.

At Helie Chiropractic, we believe in treating the whole patient. Utilizing a goal-oriented, collaborative approach, we team up with our patients to create a treatment plan unique to each individual. We employ a range of complimentary treatment methods in addition to chiropractic care: massage, soft tissue mobilization, and Dry Needle Therapy. Book your appointment today!

Goal-oriented treatments

Goal-oriented treatment means that your visits are aimed at meeting specific goals; you won’t find unending, radical, or unnecessary treatment plans at our clinic. Instead, we choose a practical approach: working with you, the patient, to set realistic goals and help you achieve them.

Collaborative care

To us, collaborative care means that we’re working together with our patients. We expect you to ask questions, and you can expect us to answer all of them. We share our professional and scientific knowledge with every patient, providing information that helps you not only understand your treatment, but how to achieve maximal function and performance so you can enjoy life to its fullest. Helie Chiropractic’s commitment to patient education not only ensures that you receive the best treatment for you, but helps prevent future injury down the line. Find out more about us here.

Why choose us? We think Helie Chiropractic offers something that no other chiropractic office has. In addition to a goal-oriented partnership in structuring your health goals and approach, you can expect:

  • Generous patient/doctor time for all your questions
  • Free consultations so you can learn about your options
  • Flexible hours to meet your schedule
  • Experienced and friendly staff to assist you
  • We accept most insurance for your convenience and cost effectiveness
  • Health education at each visit so you can continue care at home– resulting in quicker recovery and fewer visits
  • And for the many athletes here in Westminster, Colorado– we now offer Sports Physicals!

Keep Updated & Learn How To Care For Yourself!

Do you want to learn how to properly care for your spine? Learn why Spinal Hygiene is important for your long term Health. Take action now and you can be on the path to a Healthier YOU. After all, the best Doctor is the one that lives within!

Call us to learn more, or book an appointment online. We look forward to working with you to achieve your ultimate health potential!