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Bennett B. Avatar

Back hurt so much that I could hardly breathe. I searched for 5-star Chiropractors near me and Helie Chiropractic stood out; here's one reason why I think he gets good reviews: Even though Dr Adam was at a business meeting in Longmont, and it was late on a Saturday, he made time to see me that evening!

Bennett B. 9/23/2020
Katt S. Avatar

Doc Helie is fantastic

Katt S. 9/08/2020
Victoria W. Avatar

Had my first visit with Adam, and it went great. He’s very knowledgeable, thorough, and passionate about chiropractic care. He did a great job at explaining treatment and the adjustment was great. Highly recommend.

Victoria W. 12/20/2019
Kevin B. Avatar

Adam is absolutely amazing I had lost back pain to the point where I couldn’t even tie my shoes it’s was really depressing and frustrating ( I’m 27 years old). Adam literally have my my life back this is my third time coming in and will keep on coming in on a regular basis. Adam is super knowledgeable and is super attentive when you’re telling him what’s wrong with you. He is a true blessing!!! Adam gave me my life back!!

Kevin B. 12/05/2019
Trevor Jackson Avatar

positive review  Adam Helie and Helie Chiropractic are fantastic! Adam is very professional and personable. We went to Adam while my wife was pregnant and had a very smooth delivery. We credit much of that to the weekly visits with Dr. Adam.

Trevor Jackson 8/28/2019
Judy Rollman Avatar

positive review  Adam provides a great service! He adjusts me every month and it’s part of my wellness program.

Judy Rollman 8/24/2019
Bewitched B. Avatar

My wife has had back pain most of her life - and during our relationship I have often watched her struggle with the pain. It often would make it hard for her to enjoy the activities we are doing or to do basic things like exercise, chores, or working at her desk job.

I heard about Adam and Helie Chiropractic Clinic and though it was worth giving it a try. Adam was great! He explained everything he was doing and the science behind it. He took the time to answer any questions and be sure that we knew what to expect. While doing the adjustment, he described exactly what he would be doing.

After the first adjustment, my wife said she had felt better than she did in a very long time. The pain in her back was gone! We both know that this is a process and that we will need to maintain it going forward - but seeing the relief she had after just one visit made us believers! Adam is the real deal! Our only regret is that we waited so long.

Bewitched B. 8/13/2019
Elizabeth Coulter Avatar

positive review  Adam is fantastic my husband and I feel rejuvenated and refreshed when we get adjusted!

Thank you Adam

Elizabeth Coulter 1/20/2019
Sheri Salazar Avatar

positive review  He's the best� was in a car accident a while back couldn't walk very well painful, after a few weeks with Dr. Helie I was able to walk without crying within a couple months I was better then all I had was follow-up maintenance recently half of my face went numb went to the doctor they said my face had fell asleep few hours later ended up at the ER followed by CAT scan and MRI no joke doctors told me they have no idea! I have had three treatment my numbness is subsiding and I'm confident that I will be back to myself soon Thank You Dr.Adam Helie God bless�

Sheri Salazar 2/09/2018
Jim Lay Avatar

positive review  Adam is efficiently adjusting my spine to where I no longer slump when standing which,in turn, has given me better posture with no pain. I highly recommend him and his knowledge.

Jim Lay 12/30/2017
Michele R. Erickson Avatar

On December 12 I was involved in an Auto Accident. I started seeing Doc Adam on December 18. This is the first time I've seen a Chiropractor. Doc Adam is awesome, he spends time answering all my questions. Also,a huge plus is that he's been flexible with working with my schedule. I'm blessed to have found him!

Michele R. Erickson 12/30/2017
Rachel Lee Rawlings Avatar

positive review  It was almost 3 yrs ago when I was referred to Adam from a friend. I could not walk due to my sciatica. I was in the ER 2x that weekend. I was nearly crawling into his office on a week night. He made his adjustment and I walked out normal. I was so thankful that night and see him on a regular basis just to keep everything aligned. He is very personable and patient.

Rachel Lee Rawlings 12/02/2017
Brandon Fisher Avatar

positive review  Great Experience every time I go!! Adam takes the time to understand what might be the problem and comes up with a game plan to tackle the issue or issues you may be having.

Brandon Fisher 8/21/2017
Bret Evaristo Brewer Avatar

Adam was great easy to work with and after I felt amazing. There was no plans I had to setup we talked about what if anything bothered me and decided on a plan I can follow. It was a great experience.

Bret Evaristo Brewer 9/07/2016
Paige Field Avatar

positive review  Today was my first chiropractor appointment! I've had lower back issues for a few years now and it has prevented me from doing certain workouts in the gym. Adam was great he really makes your appointments about you and what your trying to get out of it. I wish I hadn't waited until now to go but it was the best decision I made! Everything feels more loose can't wait for the next one. Thanks again!

Paige Field 5/12/2016
Aaron Varcasio Avatar

Great to have met Adam today for a consult and an adjustment. Running FIT Thornton (Home to CrossFit Thornton) and training on a daily basis it's good to have a chiropractor close to the gym with his athletic knowledge and skill set!

Aaron Varcasio 11/18/2015
Don Connors Avatar

Adam has a no nonsense approach, very direct and up front with what he finds and treatments. He is an avid cross fitter as well and understands what you may be going thru if you are working out. He cares about his patients and makes time to follow up to see how things are progressing.

Don Connors 10/04/2015
Star T. Avatar

5 star rating Adam is an awesome chiropractor and has been helping me get back to normal after a back injury. He's always super friendly and knowledgeable regarding exercises and nutrition that will help me. 🙂

Star T. 8/03/2015
Star Teague Avatar

I am so grateful to Adam Helie for helping me with my back pain!
And his nutritional and exercise advice too!
Adam is a great doctor with a great personality....I highly recommend him!

Star Teague 3/13/2015
Chad W. Avatar

5 star rating Dr. Helie is a stand-up guy. His extensive knowledge of nutrition and fitness adds to the effectiveness of his chiropractic care. I've known Adam for over four years but it wasn't until he mentioned that he helped with plantar fasciitis that I thought I'd give him a try. Adam makes suggestions so that you're not coming back over and over. With so many chiropractors in the area to choose from; why not go with someone who cares about his clients. Adam wants to be your friend first and that's the kind of person I want cracking my neck. 🙂

Chad W. 11/03/2014

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